EMHA teams up with GMS for Enhanced Security.

Business and Finance

by Victor Adetimilehin

Enhanced mortgaging and housing africa limited, a prominent player in affordable housing, has entered into an agreement to provide security service using gamb’s messengerial services limited as per agreement. The partnership is indicative of the company’s efforts to expand its scope and provide more secure services to their customers.

According to a report by Newsday Zimbabwe, the manager of EMHA, Audrey Madzima noted that the firm was ready to meet the client’s security issues. “Anytime we want to help our clients, the first step is to make sure that their shelter is safe enough. With partnership with GMS they offer the client more than just living,” she said.

Unparalleled in security solution, GMS provides among other services, static and patrol guards, undercover operations and leading edge web based investigations. In this context, Afarashe Gambiza, GMS founder, pointed out the increasing crime level and the implementation of new technologies. As an indication of seriousness concerning security challenges, Gambiza noted, “This association with EMHA.”

Security is not the only area that EMHA encompasses. This company is also constructing Lionhead Resort in Shamva that will stimulate local tourism through numerous water and land activities. In a nutshell, EMHA has rejuvenated the Cotswold Wood Engineering workshop in Marondera, resulting in high-quality wooden furniture. An illustration of how varied the firm’s activities are can be found in Enhanced Uniform Solutions, which is a subsidiary involved in the textile industry.

However, the synergy between EMHA and GMS is more than business growth; it is striving for safe and green communities. The association reflects EMHAs spirit as a people first organization that seeks to provide value and safety to its customers.

This journey of collaboration between EMHA and GMS will not only guarantee their clients a secure environment but also contribute to the community at large with an aim of setting precedence to future partnerships in the field.

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