From Humble Beginnings to Stardom: Zim Pogba’s Rise

by Oluwatosin Alabi

 Once a name dismissed in the bustling streets of Harare, “Zim Pogba” is now echoing across the corners of Zimbabwe, from the electric streets of the capital to the harmonious vibes of Gweru. A recent performance at the Zimdancehall Cup Clash turned this comedian and singer from an underdog to a rising star.

Growing up in Gweru, Tinashe Mandaza, better known as Zim Pogba, had his fair share of mischief which led to his relocation to Honde Valley. It was during these school years that the seeds of comedy and music were sown in him.

The road to fame wasn’t easy. Many of his songs, recorded in Gweru, never saw the day of light. But the artist’s passion never waned. From doing odd jobs to fund his records to traveling between cities to record with renowned producers, he left no stone unturned.

His determination soon caught the eye of the seasoned Zimdancehall singer, Seh Calaz, who recognized his talent and offered him a platform. Today, Zim Pogba is not just an artist but a symbol of hope and perseverance, ready to conquer the Zimdancehall scene and put Gweru on the map.

“It is my time to shine and make noise in the arts industry, I want to make the city of Gweru proud,”* he shared in an interview with The Herald Arts.

As he prepares to drop a new album, there’s no doubt that Zim Pogba is ready to ride the waves of his newfound fame, leaving behind a trail of his emotional, heartfelt performances.

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