Zimbabwe Leads the Global Rankings in Alcohol Consumption

Wise Voter Survey Puts Zimbabwe at Top for Per Capita Alcohol Intake

by Adenike Adeodun

In a startling revelation, Zimbabwe has been identified as one of the world’s leading nations in alcohol consumption per capita. This finding comes from a recent survey conducted by Wise Voter, an American research institute specializing in global issues including politics, health, climate, and the economy.

According to the survey, an average Zimbabwean consumes a staggering 62.8 litres of pure alcohol annually. This figure significantly surpasses the consumption rates of other countries, with Tunisia following at a distant second with 36.6 litres per capita.

The report provides a detailed ranking, noting countries such as Eswatini with 34.4 litres, the Maldives at 33.7 litres, and Afghanistan close behind at 33.5 litres. Other nations like Namibia, South Africa, Algeria, Turkey, and Iran also feature in the top ten, but none come close to Zimbabwe’s leading position.

“Zimbabwe stands as the global leader in alcohol consumption per capita. An individual in Zimbabwe may consume up to 62.8 litres of pure alcohol annually, which is a measure of the total alcoholic beverages consumed over 12 months. The country also has a reported alcohol dependence prevalence of 2.2%,” the Wise Voter report states.

The survey further clarifies that one serving of alcohol is considered to be 0.0177 fluid litres. This measurement is equivalent to a 0.354-litre can or bottle of beer, a 0.148-litre glass of wine, or a 0.044-litre shot of liquor. Such standardizations are essential for comparing alcohol consumption across different nations.

According to a report by Newsday, Eswatini ranks third in the survey with a 34.4 litres per capita consumption and a 2.5% prevalence of alcohol dependence. Notably, all top three countries in the report do not impose illegality on alcohol consumption, permitting it for individuals over the age of 18.

Delta Beverages, Zimbabwe’s largest brewer, reported record sales in 2022, with revenues reaching an impressive US$713 million. Lager beer consumption in Zimbabwe hit all-time highs, and sorghum beer sales crossed the four million hectolitre mark, reflecting the nation’s dominant position in the survey.

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