Harare Woman Arrested for Falsehoods About Company’s Water Use

Adela Contracting Refutes Claims in Viral Video Alleging Sewage Water Misuse

by Adenike Adeodun

A woman from Harare, identified as Sandra Mazviita Pamberi, has been arrested and charged with publishing falsehoods. Pamberi was apprehended after recording a video alleging that Adela Constructing was fetching water from a sewage-infested river, a claim that quickly gained traction on social media.

In the video, Pamberi accused the company of extracting sewage water and distributing it to unsuspecting residents. Following the video’s viral spread, she was booked at Highlands Police Station under case number RRB 5756799, facing charges under sections 164(C) and 95 of the Criminal Code.

According to a report by Newsday, Adela Constructing responded to these allegations with a statement on Tuesday. The company clarified its position, stating, “Adela Contracting is a reputable plant-hire company in Zimbabwe. Our core business is the supply and hiring of plant equipment. We do not distribute water for purposes of profit to private individuals or corporates and our company has never ventured into such business.”

The company further explained that it was contracted by Runt Dutoit Property Developers to supply plants and equipment for road construction in the Kambanji area of Greystone Park. The area in question, where the video was shot, features a stream of freshwater crossing Outspan Drive. Adela Contracting’s role was to divert this stream and drain any surplus water that might interfere with the roadworks.

Due to recent heavy rains, a pool of rainwater had accumulated near the stream, necessitating diversion to enable further road development. The water bowser seen in the video was used for draining this pool of water, which was then utilized for road compaction.

Adela Contracting emphasized, “This water is not sewage water. Furthermore, the area itself does NOT have any sewer lines, so no sewage water can be found in the locality. For emphasis, the water collected in the video was NOT distributed to residents or any person whatsoever outside the locality.”

This incident highlights the impact of viral social media content and the importance of verifying information before dissemination.

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