Zera Recommends Shift to Gas-Powered Generators

by Adenike Adeodun

The Zimbabwe Energy Regulatory Authority (Zera) is encouraging residents to utilize gas-powered generators as a step toward enhancing the nation’s energy efficiency.

This recommendation arises in response to over 120 concerns raised by stakeholders with Zera in the previous year.

At a recent stakeholder feedback event in Harare, Zera’s senior engineer, Samuel Zaranyika, highlighted the benefits of using LP gas to power not only generators but also vehicles, promoting environmental responsibility. “Many use LP gas for heating and cooking. Now, it’s also efficient and eco-friendly for powering generators and even converting vehicles from petrol to gas,” Zaranyika pointed out.

According to a report by Newsday Zimbabwe, finance is a significant roadblock in Zimbabwe’s energy landscape. Numerous independent power providers have been unable to secure funds for projects, even after receiving Zera’s licensing. The nation’s energy infrastructure necessitates a US$12 billion investment for revival, as reported by the government.

Discussing the financing concerns, Zaranyika mentioned, “Various organizations, including IDBZ and ZETDC, raised financial issues. Many projects are yet to be completed. We recently held a discussion on project financing and are now awaiting its outcomes.”

In a move to modernize the energy grid, Zera introduced third-party access codes. These codes allow independent power suppliers to contribute to the national grid. “We’ve established an access code to let everyone connect to the grid. Furthermore, we’re expanding transmission networks via independent producers,” Zaranyika said.

Besides grid advancements, Zera is focusing on maintaining fuel quality. The regulator has actively monitored and graded fuel stations to ensure consumers receive optimal quality. “We’ve initiated fuel station grades from A to E. An ‘A’ signifies top quality,” Zaranyika clarified.

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