Sakupwanya Appeals for Support in Mabvuku Constituency By-Election

Sakupwanya's Bid for Redemption in Mabvuku's Political Arena

by Oluwatosin Alabi

In the high-density suburb of Mabvuku, ZANU PF candidate Scott Sakupwanya is campaigning vigorously for the upcoming by-elections. He is urging residents to reconsider their previous vote and elect him to Parliament this December.

Sakupwanya previously lost to Citizens Coalition for Change’s Munyaradzi Kufahakutizwi by just over 3,600 votes. The by-election, scheduled for December 9, arose after Kufahakutizwi was disqualified by his party’s Interim Secretary General, Sengezo Tshabangu.

Sakupanya dismisses allegations of wrongdoing and emphasizes his commitment to Mabvuku’s welfare. “I am dedicated to elevating Mabvuku, surpassing what the opposition has failed to do,” he stated, outlining his plans for the community’s progress.

Highlighting his efforts, Sakupwanya mentions the opening of a vocational college in Mabvuku, offering courses in various trades, from which over 1,400 residents have already benefited. He aims to revitalize sports facilities and tackle the unemployment issue.

Despite Mabvuku being an opposition stronghold, Sakupwanya has actively engaged in community development projects. He has made significant contributions, including adopting a major road, drilling boreholes, and providing free transportation and educational sponsorships.

In his campaign, Sakupwanya promises transformative change and criticizes the effectiveness of opposition MPs. He urges residents to judge him by his actions and contributions to the community.

The upcoming by-elections are a crucial test for Sakupwanya’s ability to turn his community work into electoral success. He encourages the electorate to give him a chance to serve and prove his commitment to Mabvuku’s growth.

The by-elections in Mabvuku present a critical moment for both Sakupwanya and the community. His campaign efforts and promises are setting the stage for what could be a pivotal shift in the constituency’s political landscape.

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