Zimbabwean Diaspora in Leeds Emerges as Economic, Community Pillar

Zimbabwe Leeds Community Chairperson Highlights Diaspora's Pivotal Role in Economic Development

by Adenike Adeodun

The Zimbabwe Leeds Community (ZLC), led by chairperson Chris Goshomi, is emerging as a key player in the economic landscape, both in the UK and back in Zimbabwe. According to the latest UK census data, Leeds boasts the highest concentration of Zimbabweans in the country, earning it the nickname “the capital of Zimbabwe” in the UK.

In an enlightening conversation with NewsDay Life & Style, Goshomi shed light on how established migrant communities, including the Zimbabwean diaspora, are significantly contributing to their countries of origin. “Zimbabweans abroad are vital for the country’s social and economic growth, offering skills, philanthropy, and investments,” he stated. He referenced the International Organisation for Migration Zimbabwe’s report, highlighting that the diaspora remitted over US$1.6 billion in 2020–21, a substantial portion of Zimbabwe’s GDP.

The ZLC is keen on learning from other established communities like the Indians, Chinese, and Pakistanis. Goshomi believes that by organizing and creating a vibrant community, the Zimbabwean diaspora can wield substantial economic, social, and political influence in the UK.

According to a report by Newsday, Goshomi emphasized ZLC’s commitment to its vision of a ‘home away from home’ through various projects, including welfare and support initiatives. The community includes notable members like Enisia Mashusha, the acclaimed choreographer and vice-secretary of ZLC.

Addressing the challenges of migration, Goshomi said, “We aim to transform the negatives of emigration into positives, maintaining our community pride abroad.” He takes pride in ZLC being a well-organized diaspora community, setting an example for others.

Goshomi also pointed out the unique challenges faced by migrants, including mental health, domestic violence, and physical health issues. He believes in the power of unity to overcome these obstacles.

ZLC’s forthcoming Christmas bash aims to foster belonging and community spirit, not just for Zimbabweans but for other migrants too. Following their successful independence party in April, this event focuses on addressing community challenges, including knife crime.

Goshomi stressed the importance of community events like these for mental well-being and relationship-building within and across generations. “Such gatherings are crucial for breaking down barriers and building a collective identity,” he explained.

Acknowledging the struggles of new migrants under skilled visas, Goshomi highlighted the role of community events in creating supportive networks. “These celebrations uplift spirits and forge a sense of happiness and collective pride,” he concluded.

Goshomi extended an open invitation to the Christmas party, emphasizing its significance for future generations and community building.

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