Zimbabwe to Host International Youth Soccer Fiesta

Zimbabwe is set to host an international youth soccer tournament next month, featuring teams from Australia, England, Namibia, and China

by Victor Adetimilehin

Zimbabwe is gearing up to host an international youth soccer tournament next month, featuring teams from Australia, England, Namibia, and China. The event, organized by Jadel Football Academy, aims to showcase the talent and potential of young players from different countries and cultures.

The tournament will be an 8-a-side contest, held at Prince Edward School in Harare on February 3. Players from abroad are expected to start arriving on January 28, for one of the biggest youth tournaments to be held in the country.


A Game-Changer for Zimbabwean Soccer

The organizers of the tournament say they are excited to host a competition of this magnitude, which will also attract international scouts and offer opportunities for football scholarships.

Walter Musanhu, a former Motor Action player who is based in Beijing, China, where the Jadel Football Academy is headquartered, said the tournament will be a game-changer for Zimbabwean soccer.

“I am also very happy with the support that we are receiving from football stakeholders across the board. We are hoping to see a very good tournament with a lot of competition because this is something all the players have been preparing for quite a long time now.”

He added that some of the players will get life-changing opportunities as some will get international football scholarships.


A Platform for Cultural Exchange and Friendship

Primrose Serima, one of the local organizers of the fiesta, said the tournament will also provide a platform for cultural exchange and friendship among the participants.

“Basically everything is in order and at the moment I am taking some papers to ZIFA. We hope that we host a successful tournament and give exposure to our youngsters in the presence of international scouts,” she said.

“The tournament will allow players from local clubs to play against those from abroad and that will aid in the building of their confidence levels. We are almost 90 percent ready and we are excited to host a tournament of this magnitude. We want to put our country on the map and we are confident that we will also immensely benefit in terms of sport tourism and the like.”

She said the teams that will take part in the tournament are Australia, England, Namibia, Jadel China, Jadel Mbare, and Ali Sundowns.


A Curtain-Raiser Match by Zimbabwean Musicians

As a curtain-raiser for the tournament, there will be a friendly match between Zimbabwean musicians and G-Unit, a local soccer team. The match will be a fun-filled affair, featuring some of the popular artists in the country, such as Jah Prayzah, Winky D, Alick Macheso, and Sulumani Chimbetu.

The match will also serve as a way of promoting the tournament and attracting more fans and sponsors. The organizers said they are expecting a huge turnout and a festive atmosphere at the venue.

Source: The Herald 

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