ZANU PF MP Advocates for Higher Councillor Allowances

Zanu PF Calls for Dignified Compensation Reflecting Councillors' National Service

by Ikeoluwa Ogungbangbe
Zimbabwe Councillor Allowances

Farai Jere, a ZANU PF Member of Parliament for Mrehwa West, has plead to the Ministry of Local Government and National Housing for a significant improvement in the conditions of service for local authority councillors. During a parliamentary session, Jere voiced his concerns over the current treatment of councillors, highlighting their crucial role in the constituencies and the national duty they uphold with unwavering patriotism and devotion.

Jere pointed out the societal misconception that councillors are mere volunteers, neglecting their substantial contributions to national development through various projects and programmes. As “the real foot soldiers” in the community, councillors are pivotal in ensuring effective service delivery, budget management, and representing the needs of their wards. According to Jere, to enable local governance to thrive and ensure the success of devolution, it’s imperative that councillors are provided with competitive conditions of service that reflect their hard work and dedication.

In response to these calls, Local Government Minister Winston Chitando announced an increase in the monthly allowances for councillors, effective January 1, 2024. The adjustments saw councillors’ allowances raised from ZWL$113 000 (approximately US$7) to ZWL$1 358 255 (around US$80). Additionally, mayors and chairpersons will now receive ZWL$1 629 906, with their deputies earning ZWL$1 494 081, and committee chairpersons taking home ZWL$1 412 585 monthly.

Despite these increases, many councillors have expressed dissatisfaction, labeling the revised allowances as inadequate and disrespectful considering the scope and importance of their responsibilities. One councillor voiced their frustration, questioning how the ministry could deem allowances under US$100 sufficient for the array of tasks they manage, from overseeing service delivery and planning to budgeting and revenue management.

This situation has sparked a broader discussion on the value and recognition of local government officials in Zimbabwe, with calls for further action to ensure councillors can serve their communities with the dignity and support their roles demand.

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