TelOne Vows to Eradicate Corruption Through Staff Pledges

Zimbabwean Telecommunications Company Embraces Transparency

by Victor Adetimilehin

State-owned telecommunications provider TelOne in Zimbabwe has taken a significant step towards fostering a culture of transparency and accountability within the organization. Management and staff recently signed integrity pledges, demonstrating their commitment to ethical behavior and good governance.

This initiative aligns with the National Anti-Corruption Strategy 2020-2024 launched by Zimbabwe’s President Mnangagwa in 2020. The strategy aims to combat corruption, a persistent challenge in the country.

Building a Culture of Integrity

The signing ceremony featured remarks from Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (ZACC) Manager of Compliance and Systems Review, Mr. Tafirenyika Maringire. He emphasized the importance of integrity pledges in creating a culture of transparency within organizations.

“The purpose of integrity pledges is to ensure that people in positions of authority act with integrity in their roles,” Maringire stated. “This includes adhering to ethical principles when making decisions, particularly regarding procurement and resource allocation.”

Maringire stressed the importance of constant reminders for staff. “Even after signing the pledges,” he said, “they should be displayed prominently in every office so that everyone who visits is reminded of the importance of integrity and ethical behavior.”

TelOne CEO Outlines Pledges’ Importance

TelOne Chief Executive Officer Lawrence Nkala addressed the gathering, highlighting the pledges’ role in promoting transparency, accountability, and ethical conduct across all levels of the company.

“This signing ceremony marks a key milestone in 2024,” Nkala declared. “It signifies everyone’s commitment to working in a corruption-free environment.”

He elaborated on the pledges’ impact, stating, “We want to ensure that everyone, from the board to management to staff, takes ownership of this commitment. This will translate into upholding high ethical standards and following clear guidelines in our daily operations.”

Alignment with National Goals

Nkala further emphasized TelOne’s alignment with the national vision of eradicating corruption by 2030. “With these integrity pledges,” he said, “TelOne aims to contribute to the government’s efforts to protect citizens and offer services free from corruption.”

He expressed his confidence in the pledges’ positive impact. “We believe this initiative will not only strengthen our internal systems and processes but also improve our service delivery by ensuring transparency and honesty in all our interactions.”

TelOne’s commitment to eradicating corruption represents a positive step forward for the company and Zimbabwe as a whole. By fostering a culture of integrity and transparency, TelOne can enhance public trust, improve service delivery, and contribute to the nation’s overall economic development.

The success of this initiative hinges on sustained commitment from both TelOne’s leadership and its employees. Regular monitoring and enforcement of the integrity pledges will be crucial in ensuring their effectiveness.

Source: The Herald

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