Afreximbank Sets Stage for US$80M Trade Centre in Zimbabwe

Pan-African Bank Seeks Staff for Upcoming Harare Trade Hub

by Ikeoluwa Ogungbangbe
Afreximbank Harare Trade Centre

Pan-African Bank Seeks Staff for Upcoming Harare Trade Hub

Afreximbank is set to open a US$80 million trade centre in Harare, Zimbabwe, enhancing trade, providing jobs.

Afreximbank, the prominent pan-African financial institution, is gearing up for the operation of its ambitious US$80 million African Trade Centre (ATC) project in Harare, Zimbabwe. The bank is currently on the lookout for a labor brokerage firm to recruit a highly skilled and motivated workforce essential for the seamless functioning of this multifaceted complex.

The ATC, which is under construction and expected to be completed by next year, promises to be a landmark development in Harare. It will feature corporate office spaces, a hotel, conference and exhibition centers, among other auxiliary facilities, designed to cater to a wide range of business and leisure needs. The initiative is part of Afreximbank’s broader vision to stimulate intra-African trade and investment.

In a recent call for expressions of interest, Afreximbank outlined its requirements for a labor brokerage, manpower, and outsourcing company to source and manage a team of outsourced personnel. These professionals will be tasked with various service roles, including guest management, accounting, administration, sales, marketing, and operations, to ensure top-notch service delivery within the ATC and its hotel component. The deadline for companies to express their interest in this partnership is set for March 29, underlining the urgency and significance Afreximbank places on mobilizing the necessary human resources.

Zimbabwe, alongside Nigeria, was selected in 2019 to host the first of such ATCs, a decision that saw Zimbabwe donating land for its construction. This project is set to redefine Harare’s skyline and establish the city as a pivotal hub for intra-African trade and financial services. Additional ATCs are planned for Egypt and Uganda, underscoring Afreximbank’s commitment to facilitating trade information and services across the African continent. The ATC in Harare is not just a local development; it aims to house other regional, continental, and global financial and development institutions, thus positioning Harare as a central node in the network of intra-African trade hubs.

In related news, Afreximbank’s Caribbean office recently announced its first disbursement – a US$6 million education rehabilitation climate-linked loan to the government of St. Lucia. This move is part of Afreximbank’s strategic expansion into the Caribbean, following its Diaspora Strategy and the African Union’s recognition of the African Diaspora as the continent’s sixth region. The bank continues to bridge trade and investment gaps between Africa and the Caribbean, as demonstrated by the AfriCaribbean Trade and Investment Forum, with its next annual meeting set to take place in The Bahamas. Afreximbank’s efforts in Zimbabwe and beyond illustrate its proactive role in fostering economic resilience and growth across its member states, reinforcing its position as a key player in Africa’s economic sector.

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