UNFPA Boosts Zimbabwe’s Development Efforts with Vehicle Donation

Essential Services to Reach More People in Remote Areas

by Victor Adetimilehin

The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) has given a significant boost to development initiatives in Zimbabwe by donating 19 vehicles to government agencies and local NGOs. This crucial support aims to enhance access to vital services across the country, particularly in healthcare, social welfare, and disaster response efforts.

The handover ceremony saw representatives from the Ministry of Health and Child Care, the Ministry of Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare, and the Zimbabwe National Statistics Agency receive vehicles. Additionally, several prominent local organizations, including Musasa, SayWhat, and World Vision International (WVI), benefitted from the donation.

Strengthening Partnerships, Expanding Reach

UNFPA country representative Miranda Tabifor emphasized the organization’s unwavering commitment to supporting Zimbabwe’s ambitious Vision 2030 agenda. “Our programs and initiatives all align with Zimbabwe’s national development strategy,” Tabifor remarked. “We strive to improve the lives of women and young people, and everything we do reflects the country’s vision.”

Tabifor further expressed gratitude to the recipient partners and highlighted the importance of their collaboration with UNFPA. She revealed that the vehicle donation coincided with the 30th anniversary of the International Conference on Population and Development, underscoring the organization’s enduring dedication to global development goals.

Vehicles Enhance Delivery of Essential Services

The donated vehicles were specifically chosen to address the challenges of Zimbabwe’s diverse terrain. The Zimbabwe National Statistics Agency received six off-road vehicles, empowering them to gather crucial data from remote regions more effectively. Similarly, the Ministry of Public Service and the Ministry of Health each received two all-terrain vehicles to strengthen their service delivery capabilities in rural areas.

Representatives from the beneficiary organizations expressed their elation at receiving the vehicles. Public Service, Labour, and Social Welfare Deputy Minister Mercy Dinha hailed the donation as a timely intervention. “These vehicles will allow us to reach elderly people, especially those in rural areas, and provide them with the essential care they need,” Dinha said. She further highlighted the vehicles’ suitability for navigating difficult terrain, enabling them to expand their outreach and deliver much-needed services to more communities.

Expanding Reach, Combating Challenges

Ms. Dorcas Chikorova, Head of Programmes at SayWhat, echoed the sentiment, describing the donation as a turning point for their organization. “This vehicle is more than just transportation; it signifies the strong partnership we’ve built with UNFPA,” Chikorova stated. “It allows us to expand our reach significantly and address the challenges we face in reaching those who need our services most.”

The distribution of four-wheel-drive vehicles to local NGOs further strengthens their ability to deliver critical services across diverse terrains. This enhanced mobility will allow them to reach more communities and address a wider range of needs.

The UNFPA’s vehicle donation is a significant step towards strengthening Zimbabwe’s development efforts. By enhancing access to essential services in remote areas, the initiative has the potential to improve the lives of countless Zimbabweans, particularly women, young people, and the elderly. With improved mobility and strengthened partnerships, the future of development in Zimbabwe appears brighter.

Source: The Herald 


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