Zimbabwe Ranks Among Worst Governed Countries in Southern Africa

World Economics Report Highlights Governance Challenges in Zimbabwe

by Ikeoluwa Ogungbangbe

Zimbabwe has earned a dubious distinction as one of the worst governed nations in southern Africa, according to a recent report by World Economics, a prominent economic research institute based in the United Kingdom. The report, released last week, sheds light on the country’s economic mismanagement, corruption, and political repression, which have led to its decline over the years.

Assessing governance across various indicators such as political rights, civil liberties, rule of law, regulatory quality, and economic effectiveness, the report paints a bleak picture of Zimbabwe’s governance landscape. With poor scores across all categories, Zimbabwe received a grade of E with an index score of 29.0, placing it among the top 10 worst governed countries in Africa.

Joining Zimbabwe at the bottom of the ranking are countries like Libya, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and Chad, all grappling with their own governance challenges. Contrastingly, Southern Africa boasts some of the best governed countries on the continent, with Mauritius leading the pack, followed by Namibia, South Africa, and Botswana. Namibia, securing a grade of B, is ranked second, followed closely by South Africa and Botswana.

Ghana emerges as a beacon of good governance in West Africa, securing the fifth position overall on the continent and the top spot in the region. With a grade of B and an index of 61.7, Ghana outshines its West African counterparts, with Senegal trailing behind at sixth place.

Zimbabwe’s woes are compounded by its ongoing economic crisis, prompting authorities to scrap the local currency due to sharp depreciation. In a bid to address the crisis, a new currency was introduced on Friday, signaling the government’s efforts to stabilize the economy amidst mounting challenges.

The report’s findings underscore the urgent need for Zimbabwe to address governance deficiencies and implement reforms to steer the country towards a path of stability, transparency, and sustainable development. As the nation grapples with multifaceted challenges, fostering good governance remains paramount to overcoming its socio-economic hurdles and rebuilding confidence both domestically and internationally.

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