Lexon Zembe Appointed Chairperson of CBZ Holdings

Zembe Takes Helm at CZB Following Marc Holtzman’s Resignation

by Ikeoluwa Ogungbangbe

CBZ Holdings Limited, a leading entity in financial services, has officially appointed Lexon Zembe as its chairperson, a move effective from April 19, 2024. Zembe’s elevation from acting chairman, a role he took on since December 1, 2023, follows the resignation of Marc Holtzman.

This announcement was made by CBZ in a recent statement, marking a significant transition in the company’s leadership structure. “The board of directors of CBZ Holdings Limited is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Luxon Zembe as chairperson of CBZ Holdings Limited,” the statement read, highlighting the formal transition of Zembe’s role from interim to permanent.

Luxon Zembe brings to CBZ an extensive career spanning over 30 years in the financial sector. His experience includes significant consulting work for a variety of prestigious private, public, and non-governmental organizations both locally and regionally. Zembe’s expertise has made him a respected figure in business management consulting.

Zembe’s professional journey includes past roles such as a board member of the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe, a group chairperson of CBZ Holdings, and Head of Human Capital Development and Change Management at Standard Chartered Bank across the African region. His roles have covered a broad spectrum of sectors including manufacturing, mining, financial services, and commercial activities.

During his tenure at Standard Chartered Bank, Zembe held influential positions that shaped monetary policies and financial strategies, “This includes serving on the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe advisory board and Monetary Policy Committees as well as holding executive positions at Standard Chartered Bank,” CBZ detailed in their statement.

Zembe’s academic credentials are equally impressive. He holds an MBA from Henley International Business School and is a Chartered fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel Development (UK). His leadership extends beyond corporate roles, having been a former president of the Africa Chambers of Commerce and a founding vice president of the Pan African Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Additionally, Zembe recently concluded his tenure as an independent non-Executive director and chairman of the board at ZB Financial Holdings, which interestingly, is currently undergoing acquisition procedures by CBZ. He stepped down from the ZB Board on April 12, 2024.

CBZ is going through a significant leadership change at a critical time when it is expanding its influence and operations in the financial sector. With Zembe taking the lead role, CBZ is looking to strengthen its position as a leader in the financial services industry. Zembe’s vast experience and strategic vision are expected to help CBZ drive innovation, enhance stakeholder value, and maintain its commitment to sustainable growth. With his extensive network and expertise, Zembe is poised to lead CBZ to greater success.

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