Boycotting Mnangagwa’s Address May Have Consequences for CCC, Opines Journalist

by Oluwatosin Alabi

Following CCC Members of Parliament’s decision to boycott President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s official opening of the Tenth Parliament, journalist Hopewell Chin’ono warns of potential repercussions.

CCC’s spokesperson, Promise Mkhwananzi, previously announced the party’s intention to abstain from the event, citing non-recognition of the 23 August presidential election results.

In a detailed analysis, Chin’ono pointed out that while it’s the party’s right to choose a course of action, every decision must be strategic.

  • He speculated that President Mnangagwa might take punitive measures, similar to his crackdown on the MDC Alliance post-2018 elections.
  • Potential risks include docking of CCC MP salaries, allowances, and withholding of Political Parties Act funds.
  • A financial blow could splinter the party, especially if MPs who rely on this income feel their livelihoods are jeopardized.
  • There’s also the looming question of Mnangagwa possibly courting any disgruntled MPs to secure a two-thirds parliamentary majority.

While such actions by the government could be legally challenged, there’s skepticism about the impartiality of the courts in political matters.

Was the boycott effective in creating awareness about the alleged election inconsistencies? And more importantly, does the CCC and its leader Nelson Chamisa have the means to retaliate if Mnangagwa decides to retaliate, especially given the courts may not be an option?

Chin’ono concludes that if the boycott was part of a bigger strategy, and if MPs were willing to stand with their leader despite financial threats, then it was a worthwhile endeavor. However, if not, it might serve as an avenue for further political suppression.

The community had mixed reactions. Some applauded the protest as a representation of people’s dissent. Others felt that the absence from parliament was a futile gesture. Some also called for more strategic moves by the opposition to effectively counter the ruling party’s actions.

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