Local Hero Secures Water, Sewer Access for Community

by Adenike Adeodun

Themba Ncube, 54, while renowned for his expertise on the pool table, demonstrates passion and commitment that extend well beyond the game. Fondly known as Gogodera (master) for his prowess, Ncube’s influence isn’t confined to just snooker.

Players and enthusiasts often seek Ncube’s advice at tournaments, especially when disagreements arise over game details. His opinions hold weight, especially when disputes arise in games featuring notable players like Polite Manavela. “Ncube’s wealth of knowledge and fairness make him an asset in the pool community,” says Nicholas Muzenda, a fellow member of the Beitbridge Inn Pool Club.

But in the PWD Lines neighborhood in the HaMbedzi section of Dulivhadzimo, Ncube is celebrated for much more than his pool acumen. He stands as a beacon of hope and is regarded as the hero who championed the water and sewerage infrastructure project. For over a decade, the community languished without proper utilities. It was Ncube’s tenacity and leadership that bridged the gap, ensuring residents no longer felt neglected.

A grateful resident, Miriam Moyo, speaks fondly of him, “Ncube’s efforts transformed our living conditions. He might as well be the unofficial councillor of our area with his dedication and efficiency.”

Despite the accolades and gratitude from the community, Ncube remains grounded. Recalling the early days of the project, he said, “The real credit goes to the community. My upbringing in Bulawayo, known for its cleanliness, inspired me to advocate for improved sanitation here.”

According to a report by Newsday Zimbabwe, Themba Ncube’s advocacy doesn’t end with utilities. He’s currently lobbying for improved security through a police base and enhanced lighting in the area.

Beitbridge town clerk Loud Ramakgapola holds Ncube in high regard, labeling him a “natural leader.” He said, “Ncube’s interactions always prioritize his community’s well-being, making him a pleasure to collaborate with.”

Ncube, married to Sukuoluhle Moyo and father to two, remains apolitical. Even though various organizations have courted him, he prefers focusing on direct community work over politics.

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