FHS Clears Air on COVID Test Controversy, Debunks Corruption Myths

by Oluwatosin Alabi

Allegations Dismissed

Frontiers Healthcare Services (FHS) recently dismissed corruption claims about their airport COVID-19 testing. They branded these accusations as political maneuvers. “The architects of these claims aim for political points,” an FHS representative asserted. This development follows criticisms from Okudzeto Ablakwa and others.

Pandemic Response

During the pandemic, FHS was crucial in quick virus detection for travelers. “We were racing against time,” the spokesperson noted. Their dedication was paramount in this critical phase. The Ghana Airports Company Limited (GACL) saw potential in FHS, ushering in a new era in travel safety protocols.

Revolutionizing Testing

“FHS brought innovation to the forefront,” said a National COVID-19 Task Force official. Their approach included state-of-the-art facilities, impressively set up in just two weeks. Regarding the accuracy concerns, the spokesperson stressed, “Renowned research bodies validate our testing precision.”

Addressing High Costs

The steep $150 test fee was a hot topic. “It was essential, considering the overheads,” the representative reasoned. Every aspect, from logistics to staff welfare, factored into this price.

Transparency in Dealings

FHS emphasized its transparency with GACL. “Our contract was clear-cut, boosting employment and offering fair pay amid the pandemic,” they explained. This statement was in direct response to any misinterpretations about their profits.

Denouncing Favoritism Claims

Speculations of government bias were also on FHS’s radar. “These baseless accusations are harmful and false,” the spokesperson confirmed, outright denying any special treatment.

Commitment Undeterred

In conclusion, FHS reaffirmed their pivotal role and expressed regret over the politicization of their efforts. “Our focus was purely on public health,” the representative concluded.

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