Sakunda’s $5 Million Soccer Deal Expires

by Victor Adetimilehin

As the month draws to a close, uncertainty looms for football giants Dynamos and Highlanders with the impending expiration of their $5 million sponsorship deal with Sakunda. Surprisingly, there have been no discussions between the clubs and Sakunda regarding a contract extension, leaving players, fans, and the clubs themselves in suspense about their financial future.


The sponsorship, inked three years ago, brought much-needed stability to both clubs, covering players and staff salaries, allowances, signing-on fees, and administration expenses. Dynamos, securing a commendable second-place finish in the last Castle Lager Premier Soccer League season, seems to have found their competitive edge once again. Meanwhile, Highlanders, despite an impressive start to the current season, faced challenges in the latter half, raising questions about their future performance without the financial support from Sakunda.


The lack of engagement for a contract renewal raises pertinent questions about the financial stability and future trajectory of these iconic clubs. Before the Sakunda deal, both Dynamos and Highlanders grappled with financial constraints, hindering their ability to attract top talent and compete at a higher level. The current situation places the clubs at a crossroads, urging them to explore alternative financial avenues for sustenance.


The sponsorship deal included a substantial $420,000 allocation for player and technical team salaries, coupled with a yearly $60,000 signing-on fee for each club. These financial incentives allowed Dynamos to make significant transfers, acquiring promising players to strengthen their squad. In contrast, Highlanders opted to nurture talent from their junior structures, showcasing a different approach to team building.


The stakes for league success were high, with the promise of an additional $200,000 for the league winner and a $150,000 bonus for qualification into the Caf Champions League. Beyond financial aid, Sakunda’s support extended to tangible contributions, Sakunda Holding boss Kudakwashe Tagwirei bought  a house for the late Dynamos legend George Shaya’s family worth US$120 000, while prominent coaches Moses Chunga and Madinda Ndlovu were each promised a house worth $90 000. On top of that, Tagwirei gave each club two vehicles for the coaches and captains.


As the sponsorship’s end approaches, the absence of dialogue regarding renewal leaves fans and players anxious about what lies ahead. The financial backing provided stability, but the clubs must now navigate an uncertain future. The next chapter for Dynamos and Highlanders remains unclear, prompting soccer enthusiasts to eagerly await updates on the fate of these iconic clubs.

Source: [Newsday Zimbabwe]

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