West Prop Launches affordable housing for poor earners

Rеal Estatе & Dеvеlopmеnt

by Victor Adetimilehin

Recently, Westprop Holding Limited took measures aimed at addressing housing affordability under its Pomona city residential project that targets 400 cheap houses for low income earners. However, there is mounting anxiety over the fact that most people could not have reached the affluent accommodation belonging to the developer at the northern suburb of Hararè.

Kеn Sharpе, WestPrope’s CEO, highlighted the companies commitment to inclusivity at Trevor NCube’s ideas Festival Conference which was in part by Alphamedia holdings. He emphasized the firm’s commitment to never overpromise and under-deliver. In other words, he said; “we have identified ourselves as people who are committed to delivering on our promises in the northern suburbs – looking for a solution in Pomona Phases 2.”

It concurs with Prеsidеnt Emmеrson Mnangagwa’s call for an inclusive property development that covers all socio-economic classes of the society. The commitment was further cemented by a groundbreaking ceremony of Westproop Millennium Park in Harare.

Affordablе, Quality Living

The 400 flats designated for affordability in Pomona City comprises a wider project which covers 273 hectares of land and numerous residential properties. The company is in talks with the government for a twenty year agreement to offer these flats to civil servants owing to the difficulty involved with cash salaries.

Sharpe also noted that “maybe this is a means of having affordable but quality flats with some at $100 per month payable.” The team further sought to explore affordable but decent properties.

Moreover, WеstProp is considering sustainability apart from its affordability. The company is concentrating on green energy solutions such as solar systems and eco-friendly water reticulation systems. Sharpe mentioned saying “we are putting in septic tanks, centralized tanks, sewer, and bio-digester that are eco friendly and greener”.

Indeed, WestProp does not limit its ambitious plans to the city of Pomona. Their portfolio consists of Millennium Heights, Pokugara Residential Estate, The Mall of Zimbabwe, Millennium Heights Office Park, and the Hills Golf Estate. Through its land bank worth over US$5bn in value of one billion bricks, the company will be setting up these bricks by year 2050 towards building sustainable and inclusive urban landscaping.

The West Prop initiative is considered as one of the major steps that are targeted at solving the problem of affordable housing in Harare. The Newsday Zimbabwe report has described the move as an opportunity giving hope to all income categories.

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