Zanu PF Candidate Eyes Win in Chegutu West Amid Opposition Rift

Timburwa Confident of Victory in Chegutu West, Cites Practical Campaign Approach

by Adenike Adeodun

As the Chegutu West parliamentary by-election approaches on February 3, aspirant Shakemore Wellington Timburwa, a Zanu PF candidate, is predicting a landslide victory. This optimism stems from the current disarray in the opposition ranks, particularly within the Citizens’ Coalition for Change (CCC) led by Nelson Chamisa.

According to a report by New Zimbabwe, Timburwa, 32, emerged as the ruling party’s candidate after former MP Dexter Nduna was disqualified and Farai Last Chigavazira withdrew his candidacy. His rise signifies a potential shift in the political dynamics of Chegutu West.

During a recent meeting chaired by national political commissar Mike Bimha, Timburwa expressed confidence in Zanu PF’s chances. “Preparedness determines success,” he stated, highlighting the ruling party’s strategic planning and organizational strength. In contrast, he described the opposition as “confused,” a situation Zanu PF intends to capitalize on.

The electoral landscape in Chegutu West has been further complicated by the actions of former CCC MP Admore Chivero, who is running as an independent candidate. Chivero’s decision follows a threat from CCC interim secretary-general Sengezo Tshabangu to recall him if he contested and won on the CCC ticket. Gift Konjana, previously aligned with MDC-T and now representing CCC, adds another layer to the electoral contest.

Timburwa’s campaign is not just about seizing political opportunity; it’s grounded in addressing the tangible needs of the constituency. He criticized the opposition’s “political rhetoric” and unfulfilled promises, positioning Zanu PF as the party of pragmatic solutions.

One of the critical issues in Chegutu West is water scarcity, to which Timburwa’s response has been direct and practical. Under his leadership, Zanu PF has already drilled ten boreholes in the area, with plans for more. This approach not only addresses a vital need but also creates employment opportunities in a region grappling with high unemployment rates.

Moreover, Timburwa’s vision extends to empowering the youth through economic initiatives. As the founder and director of a diversified portfolio of companies, he plans to assist young people in tapping into the lucrative small-scale mining sector. This involves financing gold syndicates, a move that promises to bring economic relief and growth to the constituency.

The upcoming by-election in Chegutu West is more than just a political contest; it’s a test of strategies, ideologies, and the ability to deliver on promises. While the opposition parties grapple with internal strife, Zanu PF, under Timburwa’s leadership, is presenting itself as a beacon of stability and progress.

Timburwa’s confidence in a “resounding victory” is not unfounded. It is rooted in a deep understanding of local issues and a commitment to providing real solutions. His campaign is a blend of political acumen and a genuine desire to uplift the lives of the people in Chegutu West.

As the by-election draws near, the focus is on Timburwa and his promise of a better future for Chegutu West. His approach, contrasting sharply with the opposition’s struggles, could be the key to unlocking the potential of this constituency. The voters of Chegutu West are at a crossroads, and their decision will shape not just their immediate future but also the political landscape of the region.

The Chegutu West by-election is a critical moment for Zimbabwean politics. It’s an opportunity for voters to choose between the status quo and a new direction. For Timburwa and Zanu PF, it’s a chance to prove that practical solutions and effective leadership can triumph over political chaos. The eyes of the nation are on Chegutu West, waiting to see if this by-election will be the dawn of a new era in Zimbabwean politics.

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