Bolt Launches Zero-Commission Ride-Hailing Services in Zimbabwe

The e-taxi company offers zero-commission rides to drivers and competitive prices to customers in Harare

by Motoni Olodun

Bolt, a leading e-taxi company in Europe and Africa, has expanded its operations to Zimbabwe, offering its services in the capital city of Harare. The company announced on Thursday that it had onboarded more than 300 drivers who are ready to start accepting rides from customers.

Bolt, formerly known as Taxify, is a free mobile application that connects drivers and passengers, allowing them to request a ride with a tap of a button. The company claims to offer competitive prices, higher earnings for drivers, and enhanced safety features for both riders and drivers.

According to Laurent Koerge, Head of Expansion at Bolt, the company’s entry into Zimbabwe is part of its commitment to advancing mobility in the region. He said:

“We are excited to be piloting our services in Zimbabwe. Our goal is not only to offer our drivers higher revenues per hire but also to ensure a high demand due to competitive prices. Accordingly, our commission is significantly lower than that of our competitors. As a result, our drivers earn more and the service fees are attractive. We have been committed to profitability and fairness towards our drivers from the very beginning because we firmly believe that happy drivers lead to happy customers.”

Bolt is not the first e-taxi company to operate in Zimbabwe. In 2017, Vaya Africa, a subsidiary of Econet Wireless, launched its ride-hailing service in the country, followed by Hwindi in 2018. However, Bolt has an edge over its rivals as it is waiving its commission from drivers for a minimum of six months, meaning that drivers will keep 100% of their earnings.

Bolt’s launch in Zimbabwe comes at a time when the country is facing a severe economic crisis, characterised by hyperinflation, currency instability, fuel shortages, and power cuts. The COVID-19 pandemic has also worsened the situation, as many people have lost their jobs and sources of income. For some Zimbabweans, joining Bolt as drivers could be a way to earn a living and support their families.

Bolt’s expansion to Zimbabwe also marks its presence in its twelfth country in Africa, with its first launch in South Africa in 2016. The company operates in 45 countries globally, serving more than 150 million customers and working with over 3 million drivers. In 2023, Bolt announced its plan to invest over €500 million in the African market, aiming to create job opportunities for over 300,000 driver partners.

Bolt has also invested in improving the safety of its services, by implementing features such as an SOS button, rider and driver verification, and the ability to notify Bolt if a driver goes offline during a trip. Bolt has also suspended over 10,000 drivers in Nigeria and Kenya in the last six months of 2023, due to various safety concerns.

Bolt’s entry into Zimbabwe is a sign of its confidence in the potential of the African market, as well as its vision to provide affordable and convenient transportation solutions to millions of people. As the company continues to grow and innovate, it hopes to contribute to the development and transformation of the continent.

Source: Mbare Times


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