Chegutu West Candidates Confident Ahead of Saturday’s By-Elections

Candidates Express Optimism Based on Track Record in Hotly Contested Race

by Ikeoluwa Ogungbangbe
Chegutu West by-election candidates

Candidates vying for the Chegutu West National Assembly seat in the upcoming by-election, set for this Saturday, are radiating confidence in their chances of victory, citing their respective track records as key assets. The constituency is a battleground for three contenders: Cde Shackmore Timburwa from Zanu PF, Mr. Gift Konjani representing the CCC, and Independent candidate Mr. Admore Chivero. With approximately 30,000 eligible voters in the by-election, competition is fierce.

Cde Shackmore Timburwa, representing Zanu PF, is counting on the party’s history of implementing people-centered policies to secure a win. He criticized opposition parties for what he sees as confusion and a lack of direction, asserting, “The opposition clearly lacks strategies, and that signals their downfall. They lack structures like those in Zanu PF, so this will be an easy victory.” Timburwa emphasized his hands-on approach to addressing local challenges, including efforts to revamp Pfupajena Stadium, as reasons behind his belief that he will emerge as the constituency’s favorite.

Mr. Gift Konjani, the CCC candidate, is pinning his hopes on the opposition’s past accomplishments. He acknowledged the uncertainty surrounding their president’s resignation but remained optimistic about victory, stating, “Our president has indicated his resignation, but we are yet to receive the finer details; nevertheless, we are confident in winning.”

On the other hand, Independent candidate Mr. Admore Chivero has kept his manifesto under wraps, choosing to conduct door-to-door campaigns. Chivero had previously run as the CCC’s candidate in last year’s harmonized election and won the same constituency before being recalled by the interim Secretary-General, Mr. Sengezo Tshabangu.

The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) has affirmed its readiness for the February 3rd by-elections, with voting materials and personnel dispatched to all six constituencies and several local authority wards nationwide. As the candidates gear up for the Chegutu West by-election, the political landscape remains dynamic, with each contender aiming to secure victory based on their track record and campaign promises. The outcome of the by-election will be closely observed, as it has the potential to influence both the constituency and Zimbabwe’s broader political arena.

The race for Chegutu West is not just about individual candidates but also reflects the larger political landscape in Zimbabwe. The by-election serves as a barometer of public sentiment, with voters considering various factors such as past performance, party affiliation, and campaign promises. The ruling Zanu PF party, led by Cde Shackmore Timburwa in this constituency, is highlighting its commitment to delivering tangible results. Timburwa’s emphasis on local development projects like the renovation of Pfupajena Stadium aims to demonstrate his dedication to addressing the community’s needs.

The CCC, represented by Mr. Gift Konjani, is facing uncertainty following the resignation of its president. However, Konjani and his supporters remain confident in the party’s ability to secure victory, citing past achievements and their commitment to advancing the interests of the constituency. Independent candidate Mr. Admore Chivero, who previously won as a CCC candidate, is positioning himself as a viable alternative. His decision to withhold his manifesto until he reaches voters directly through door-to-door campaigns indicates a grassroots approach to garnering support.

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