Thee Ammartian: From Bullying Victim to Celebrated Poet

Triumph Over Adversity Through the Power of Poetry

by Adenike Adeodun

In a world where bullying can leave lasting scars, poet and spoken word artist Shaznay Megan Wood, known in the entertainment industry as Thee Ammartian or Megamind, stands as a shining example of resilience, determination, and transformation. Born with albinism and into a mixed-race family, Thee Ammartian’s journey from a bullied child to a celebrated young poet encapsulates the triumph of vision and purpose over adversity.

Thee Ammartian’s exceptional talent for weaving words into powerful messages of inspiration has not only earned her accolades but has also provided a platform for addressing societal issues. Among her notable achievements is being honored as the Young Female Achiever of The Year at the Africa Young Talent Achievers Awards in Ghana. Her poetic prowess has resonated with many, as evidenced by the staggering 250,000 views and over 18,000 likes on Instagram for a snippet of her unreleased poem “Issa Mwanangu Tiza.”

Growing up in a community where her skin color made her a target for bullies, Thee Ammartian found solace and strength in poetry. Her experiences of being marginalized and misunderstood fueled her passion for spoken word, transforming her pain into a source of power and healing. “Being ‘white-skinned’ in a ‘black community’ is one of the most difficult things ever,” she shared, recounting the cruel names and insults hurled at her. Despite these challenges, Thee Ammartian’s resilience has been met with an outpouring of love and support from her fans, who admire her courage and authenticity.

Thee Ammartian’s poetic journey began in high school, where her involvement in the church choir and mandatory music lessons laid the foundation for her artistic expression. Her breakthrough came with a speech titled “The Scientists,” performed during a speech and prize-giving day in 2015, which left her schoolmates and teachers in awe. This pivotal moment marked the start of her exploration into spoken word poetry, culminating in mentorship by Leonard Mukwenga, a.k.a The Heyhey Preacher, who introduced her to themed poetry events at Izwi Poetry Jam.

Driven by a mission to “speak truth to power” and “voice up for the voiceless,” Thee Ammartian is dedicated to paving the way for a new generation of poetic geniuses. Her work is deeply rooted in her personal experiences and the vibrant tapestry of her community, offering a unique perspective that challenges and inspires. With over 20 poems to her name and 11 professional projects, Thee Ammartian’s creativity continues to flourish, drawing from her interactions with the people and places around her.

Despite her rising stardom, Thee Ammartian remains grounded, cherishing her identity as Shaznay in her community and embracing her role as Thee Ammartian among creatives who know her. Her portfolio includes pieces motivated by personal experiences, such as “Musoro Bhangu,” “African yet White,” and “Ndiribho,” which have touched the hearts of many and cemented her status as one of Zimbabwe’s most influential young poets.

Thee Ammartian’s journey proves the transformative power of art and the human spirit’s capacity to overcome adversity. Her achievements, including seven awards and international recognition, underscore the impact of her work and her commitment to making a difference through poetry. Inspired by God’s gift of creativity and industry icons like Ammara Brown and Winky D, Thee Ammartian continues to blaze a trail for aspiring poets, proving that with resilience and talent, it’s possible to turn pain into power and adversity into art.


Source: Newsday

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