Indian Spy Caught in Zimbabwe After Exposé

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by Motoni Olodun

Zimbabwean intelligence agents have arrested a senior member of the Indian Special Forces Unit that was operating in the country under the guise of investors. Sudhu Sarup Singh, who had met with President Emmerson Mnangagwa upon arrival, was nabbed in a sting operation at a high-end restaurant in Harare on Tuesday.

Singh was one of the leaders of the covert unit that had been deployed in Mozambique’s Cabo Delgado region, where they were assisting the government in fighting Islamist insurgents. However, their presence in Zimbabwe raised suspicions about their motives and activities, especially after a local online newspaper exposed their operation.

According to sources within the Central Intelligence Organization (CIO), Singh had smuggled over 100 Indians into the country and was conducting shady businesses with the help of a former cabinet minister from the Midlands province. The minister, who claimed to have only facilitated the meeting with Mnangagwa, is also under investigation.

Singh is being held at Borrowdale Police Station, where he faces possible charges or deportation. His daughter, whose name has not been disclosed, is also wanted by the CIO and is likely to be arrested and deported as well.

The Indian Special Forces Unit had been moving around in vehicles marked “Indian Special Forces” with slogans such as “We Dare The Impossible” and “We Are The Fearless”. They were also linked to NV Distilleries, a company headed by Ashok Jain, who is said to have close ties with the former minister.

The CIO’s raid has exposed the extent of foreign interference and espionage in Zimbabwe, which has been struggling with economic and political challenges for decades. The government has vowed to crack down on any threats to the country’s sovereignty and security.

Meanwhile, the Indian embassy in Harare has not commented on the arrest of Singh or the activities of the special forces unit. India and Zimbabwe have maintained diplomatic relations since 1980, but have had occasional tensions over trade and human rights issues.

The arrest of Singh comes at a time when Zimbabwe is seeking to improve its relations with the international community and attract more foreign investment. The country has also been praised for its efforts to contain the spread of the coronavirus pandemic and vaccinate its population.


Source: New Zimbabwe

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