Robbers Raid Funeral, Steal Cash and Jewelry

A gang of five robbers attacked 10 mourners at a funeral in Harare and stole cash and jewelry

by Victor Adetimilehin

HARARE – A gang of five robbers armed with a bolt cutter, catapults and wooden sticks attacked 10 mourners at a funeral in Greendale, Harare, on Wednesday night.

The robbers stole US$800, €300 and 30 gold and silver rings valued at US$41,800 from the victims, who were attending a funeral at a house in the suburb.

According to national police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi, the suspects are still at large and police are appealing to anyone with information that might assist them with investigations to contact any nearest police station.

A Spate of Robberies

This is not the first time that robbers have targeted mourners in Zimbabwe. In January, six armed men raided a funeral in Mvurwi, Mashonaland Central province, and stole 36 goats and 11 sheep.

The suspects loaded the animals into an unregistered white Mitsubishi motor vehicle and drove off, leaving the mourners in shock.

In December last year, a woman was robbed of her handbag containing US$3,000 and a cellphone by two men who pretended to be sympathizers at a funeral in Bulawayo.

The woman had traveled from South Africa to attend the burial of her relative and was about to board a taxi when the robbers struck.

The incidents have raised concerns about the security of funeral gatherings, especially at night, when most robberies occur. Some people have suggested that mourners should avoid keeping large amounts of cash and valuables at funerals, or hire security guards to protect them.

However, others have argued that these measures are not feasible, as funerals are often spontaneous and unplanned events, and hiring security guards is too expensive for most people. They have called on the government and the police to do more to prevent and combat crime, and to ensure that the perpetrators are brought to justice.

Despite the rising crime rate, some Zimbabweans are hopeful that the situation will improve in the near future.

The government has recently announced a series of measures to boost the economy, fight corruption and restore the rule of law. The police have also intensified their patrols and operations to curb criminal activities and bring the perpetrators to justice.

The Zimbabwean people have shown resilience and solidarity in the face of adversity and are determined to overcome the challenges they face.

Source: The Herald 

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