ZITF Launches $300M Eco-Park in Bulawayo

New Hub to Boost Business, Tourism, and Cultural Heritage

by Ikeoluwa Ogungbangbe

With the goal of converting its current fairgrounds into a cutting-edge mixed-use complex, the Zimbabwe International Trade Fair Company (ZITF) has revealed an ambitious $300 million renovation project. Situated on a prime 17-acre tract close to the city center, this innovative project, named the Zimbabwe International Conference and Exhibition Eco-Park (ZICEEP), is set to transform Bulawayo’s major business sector.

The comprehensive masterplan, which was made public on Wednesday, describes a step-by-step strategy to transform the area into a thriving center for business, tourism, and hospitality. It also promises to greatly increase the region’s appeal as a leading destination for both business and cultural tourists. “The unveiling of the new ZITF Masterplan and Eco-Park represents a transformative moment for Bulawayo and emphasizes our commitment to driving sustainable growth and development in the region,” said Busisa Moyo, the chairperson of the ZITF Company, highlighting the project’s transformative impact.

The plan for ZICEEP includes several major developments aimed at boosting the local economy and attracting international visitors. A key feature will be a new international convention center designed to accommodate up to 5,000 delegates, linked to a new 500-room hotel, enhancing Bulawayo’s capacity to host large-scale international events. Additionally, a 5-Star Boutique Hotel will provide luxury accommodations for traveling heads of state and VIPs.

A contemporary retail center with a range of dining, entertainment, and shopping opportunities will further boost the area’s appeal. This project will provide everyday amenities and a lively social area for both locals and visitors. ZICEEP will also have a unique theme park that honors Zimbabwe’s natural beauty and rich legacy. The park will feature historical kings and queens of Zimbabwe and invite guests to learn about the country’s past. This feature attempts to combine leisure and cultural education, which sets it apart as a unique attraction in the area.

In addition to these new developments, the eco-park will offer office parks and eco-friendly green spaces, including pedestrianized walkways that meet international standards, creating a conducive environment for businesses and improving the quality of life for visitors and residents alike.

In order to ensure that the development looks to the future while also preserving the past, Moyo added that the project would restore and modernize over 25 historically significant structures that currently exist in the neighborhood. According to Moyo, “these structures will be updated to provide a fresh, contemporary look that is in line with the overall idea.”

The ZITF Company is proactively interacting with relevant parties to initiate the implementation of several significant objectives. Public-private partnerships and government incentives under the National Development Strategy 1—which seeks to make Zimbabwe an upper middle-income country by 2030—are probably going to be used to structure these initiatives.

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