Children Uncover Missing Man’s Body near Limpopo River

by Victor Adetimilehin

In a startling and tragic development, a group of children in Beitbridge made a gruesome discovery over the weekend. While they were out searching for firewood, they stumbled upon the lifeless body of a man believed to have been the victim of a heinous crime, close to the banks of the Limpopo River, near the railway line.


The deceased individual was known locally as a “Zalawi,” a colloquial term used in Beitbridge to describe individuals who made a living by carrying heavy goods for shoppers returning from South Africa. These porters play a crucial role in the local economy, but their vulnerability is evident in incidents like this.


The grim discovery of the man’s body comes on the heels of a report that he had gone missing following an attack by robbers on September 27. Tragically, his body was found in an advanced state of decomposition, and it bore a distinct stab wound on the left ribcage.


Beitbridge Police District commander Chief Superintendent Tichaona Nyongo confirmed the discovery, revealing that the remains had been transported to Beitbridge District Hospital. He stated, “We have received a sudden death report. Children who were looking for firewood at the railway line behind St. Mary’s Secondary School came across the body of an adult male. They promptly informed their parents, who then reported the discovery to the police.”


“The body exhibits a stab wound on the left ribcage. It corresponds to the description of the person, known as Zalawi, who was reported missing on September 29, after being attacked by robbers on September 27. Regrettably, the body is now in an advanced state of decomposition,” he added.


Nyongo also revealed that a murder case had been officially opened, although the identities of the alleged perpetrators remain unknown at this time.


In a related incident, the South African Police Service (SAPS) recently took action against suspected criminals who had been using the area beneath the New Limpopo Bridge as a hideout. These individuals were not only seen as a menace to unsuspecting travelers but also to border jumpers. The suspects have been deported to Zimbabwe, where they will face legal consequences. They have already pleaded guilty and are scheduled to appear in the Magistrate’s Court at Beitbridge for sentencing.


This unsettling discovery highlights the pressing need for enhanced security measures along the border. It serves as a stark reminder of the inherent risks faced by those living in the region and the imperative of ensuring their safety.


As authorities continue to investigate this disturbing incident, the community in Beitbridge must come together to support one another and demand a safer environment for all residents. This tragic event underscores the importance of vigilance and cooperation in the face of such challenges.


Source: [Newsday Zimbabwe]

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