CID Chief Assaulted in Harare Nightclub Incident

by Oluwatosin Alabi

The head of Harare’s police homicide division faced an assault outside a nightclub on Saturday.

Detective Inspector Alexander Jachi, while standing by his vehicle post-midnight, was involved in an altercation with some nightclub patrons. Refusing to move out of their way resulted in a heated verbal exchange.

Things escalated quickly when Jachi pulled out his pistol, firing shots into the air and eventually shooting one patron in the leg. This prompted the group to retaliate, attacking Jachi with bottles and bricks and even managing to disarm him.

Three individuals have since been detained in connection to the incident and are presently aiding the police with their investigations.

Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi confirmed Jachi’s hospitalization, reassuring that his condition remains stable. Addressing another incident at Jongwe Corner nightclub, Nyathi stated that police were investigating suspects linked to Jachi’s assault. He also encouraged any victims of police assault to come forward.

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