Zinara Allocates ZWL$258 Billion for Road Projects

by Adenike Adeodun

Zimbabwe’s National Road Administration (Zinara) has allocated over ZWL$257 billion for road improvements from January to September, marking significant progress in infrastructure development, officials report.

Tsungie Manyeza, a spokesperson for Zinara, shared insights into the organization’s funding strategies and future projections. She emphasized the significant scale of this year’s disbursements, referencing an initial budget of ZWL$41 billion that saw substantial increases, reaching over ZWL$250 billion as of early September.

“Road authorities are gearing up for further advancements,” Manyeza stated, outlining expectations for more substantial funding allocations as project reports roll in during the fourth quarter. “The goal is to push for the completion of key infrastructure projects before year’s end, recognizing that road maintenance requires consistent attention.”

In pursuit of these objectives, Zinara champions a hands-on approach, deploying skilled engineers nationwide to guide projects and ensure timely financial reconciliations. According to a report by Newsday Zimbabwe, this strategy extends to tracking the societal impacts of road refurbishment, affirming the organization’s dedication to broader environmental, social, and governance criteria.

“A robust road system propels economic growth by facilitating the smooth transit of commodities and individuals,” Manyeza explained, citing data collected via regional engineers. “Our recent efforts have culminated in over 4,000km of roads refurbished and the construction of 800-plus drainage structures, directly leading to the creation of 900 jobs and fostering skill development.”

Additionally, Zinara is carving out its sustainability pathway, keen on maximizing the socio-economic ripple effects of its financial stewardship. Manyeza appeals to drivers, acknowledging their vital role in this developmental partnership through their compliance with road user charges.

“Contributions from motorists are investments in societal growth, offering benefits beyond well-maintained roadways,” she concluded.

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