Black Rhinos’ Determined Pursuit of Chibuku Super Cup Glory

by Victor Adetimilehin

In the semi-finals of the Chibuku Super Cup, Black Rhinos, the army side, face off against Ngezi Platinum Stars, embracing their underdog status with determination.


Coach Saul Chaminuka exudes confidence in his team’s ability to clinch the Chibuku Super Cup silverware, despite their underdog label. Their last encounter with Ngezi Platinum Stars in the league ended in defeat, but Black Rhinos have rebounded strongly, recording two victories and two draws in their subsequent four matches.


Chaminuka emphasizes the transformation in their playing style, saying, “At Black Rhinos, we no longer kick and rush, we pass the ball. We always try to create opportunities. We don’t want opportunities that come by luck. There is no such thing in football today. You have to create opportunities.”


Their recent league performances, including victories against reigning champions FC Platinum and ZPC Kariba, along with draws against Green Fuel and Chicken Inn, reflect the character and determination within the team. Chaminuka attributes this success to hard work, teamwork, and a strong sense of unity.


In their journey to the Chibuku Super Cup quarter-finals, Black Rhinos eliminated Chicken Inn, demonstrating their mettle and determination. The squad boasts players like Lot Chiunga, Evans Katema, and Valentine Katsande, who possess the potential to propel the soldiers to the prestigious Chibuku Super Cup final.


However, Ngezi Platinum Stars, with their sights set on a cup double this season, are not about to concede victory easily to the army-side. They secured a quarter-final berth by defeating Triangle and overcame Herentals to earn their spot in the semi-final clash against Black Rhinos. Ngezi Platinum Stars have key players like Takunda Benhura, their leading scorer, and Qadr Amini, adding depth to their lineup.


As the stage is set for this intense showdown, both teams are determined to prove their mettle and secure a place in the Chibuku Super Cup final. Black Rhinos, buoyed by their recent resurgence and newfound playing style, are eager to seize the opportunity for glory. On the other hand, Ngezi Platinum Stars are resolute in their pursuit of a double cup triumph.


With the stakes high and the anticipation building, this Chibuku Super Cup semi-final promises to be a clash of determination and skill, showcasing the indomitable spirit of these two teams. Regardless of the outcome, it is a testament to the unyielding commitment of these athletes to the beautiful game.


In a sport where surprises are common, fans and enthusiasts can expect a thrilling battle as Black Rhinos and Ngezi Platinum Stars vie for a coveted spot in the Chibuku Super Cup final. As the journey unfolds, the heart and soul of football continue to shine.


Source: [Newsday Zimbabwe]




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