Reggae Virtuoso Jonga Aims to Elevate Zimbabwean Soundscapes

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by Victor Adetimilehin

Renowned reggae artist Clive “Proverb Nesta 1” Jonga, boasting two critically acclaimed albums – “Tower of Babel” (Reggaesville Nominated 2021) and “Happy Place” (2023), is on a mission to take Zimbabwean reggae to new heights. The artist recently wowed audiences at Dzikwa Trust’s Igniting Magic and Talent Show, held at Reps Theatre, leaving an indelible mark on the Zimbabwean music scene.


Jonga’s performance featured the soul-stirring tunes “I-ternal Happiness” (duet) and “Rudo Unoera,” backed by the melodious Dzikwa Choir conducted by Michelle Bafana. This showcase not only highlighted Jonga’s musical prowess but also unveiled untapped talents among secondary school students, hinting at a promising future for world-class entertainment.


In an exclusive interview, Jonga shared insights into his life philosophy. Despite acknowledging life’s challenges, he emphasized that his world revolves around the trifecta of eating, drinking, and making music. He maintains a resilient attitude, stating, “What’s meant to be will be.”


Addressing the common challenges faced by artists, Jonga sees them as opportunities for growth. He, like many artists, believes that overcoming these challenges refines one into a competitive musician, identifying perfect solutions for music-making and living as a disciplined individual.


Typical of reggae artists and the Rastafarian community, Jonga uses his music to convey philosophy. He believes that information sharing should focus on transformative ideas that can positively impact lives and souls. Reflecting on his musical journey, Jonga describes it as fascinating, brutal, awakening, and entertaining. Music, for him, has been a doorway to meeting wise minds, learning new things, and unlearning old mindsets.


Acknowledging the praises he received after his performance at the Dzikwa Trust’s show, Jonga expressed that his life revolves around two passions – music and football. He conveyed a simple yet powerful message to fellow musicians: “Keep on keeping on, don’t give up.”


He delved into the meaning behind his song “Rudo Unoera,” emphasizing day-to-day experiences about love and urging youths to be conscious when falling in love. Another track, “I-ternal Happiness,” advocates for internal and external happiness, cautioning against immediate gratification through illicit substances.


A graduate of the Zimbabwe College of Music, Jonga is a beneficiary of the Dzikwa Trust Arts and Cultural Programme, which imparts various art disciplines, including dance, music, theatre, sports, and life skills.


As he continues to make strides in the Zimbabwean music scene, his journey symbolizes the potential of music to bring positive change. His story serves as an inspiration for aspiring artists, emphasizing the importance of arts education in shaping the next generation.


Source: [Newsday Zimbabwe]


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