Zim Community Trailblazers Awards: New Date Unveiled


by Victor Adetimilehin

Organizers of the Zim Community Trailblazers Awards reveal a rescheduled date of January 19, 2024, for the highly anticipated next edition, deviating from the initially set January 26, 2024 date at the Harare International Conference Centre.


Albert Masaka, one of the awards’ organizers, conveyed that despite the change in date due to unforeseen circumstances, the November 31 nomination deadline and venue at the Harare International Conference Centre remain unaffected.


Exclusively open to Zimbabwean citizens and organizations, the awards, formerly known as the Zim Community News Awards, invite trailblazing individuals and organizations from both local and diaspora communities to submit entries. Nominations can be sent via email to zctanominations@gmail.com, with each entry requiring a nominee’s profile and justification for their category.


This year, the awards will operate under the theme “Promoting a Healthy and Mutually Supportive Community.” Unlike the previous year, which focused on honoring unheralded community heroes, including church leaders and media editors, the spotlight this year is on the health and education sectors. The shift aligns with an inclusive approach aimed at recognizing outstanding achievements within diverse communities.


The awards are currently in the first stage, focusing on the Hall of Fame awardees notification process. These awardees are individuals who have made trailblazing contributions for over a decade without seeking popularity. The surprise honor aims to inspire others to follow in their footsteps and develop a community-focused mindset.


Some notable figures set to be honored include business tycoon Ken Sharpe, philanthropist Zodwa Mkandla, medical doctor Vivek Solanki, gospel singer Reverend Togarepi Chivaviro, poet Albert Nyathi, Imbube/Iscathamiya group Black Umfolosi, musician-cum-actor John “Chibhodoro” Muyambo, and dancehall singer Freeman.


Corporate entities such as Old Mutual Zimbabwe, Red Cross Zimbabwe, and Zimbabwe Mining Development Company are also slated for honors in recognition of their corporate social responsibility work.


The awards serve as a platform to acknowledge benevolent community members, inspiring others to contribute positively. By recognizing these distinguished individuals and organizations, the awards aim to encourage a community-focused mindset and address various community issues and problems.


Not only do these awards spotlight achievements, but they also foster a sense of unity and mutual support within the Zimbabwean community. As preparations unfold for the event, anticipation builds for a gathering that celebrates not only individual success but the collective strength of a community striving for positive change.

Source:[Newsday Zimbabwe]

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