EcoCash Earns Accolades for Streamlining Back-to-School Transactions

by Ikeoluwa Ogungbangbe

EcoCash, the premier mobile financial technology platform in the country, is being applauded by users nationwide for bringing unparalleled convenience to the often frenzied back-to-school season.

This praise follows feedback from mobile money platform customers who have commended EcoCash for facilitating the payment of school fees and the purchase of back-to-school essentials, including groceries, stationery, and uniforms, using multiple currencies. This convenience has been especially appreciated during a time when the need for seamless transactions is paramount.

Mr. Tatenda Kadenge, a Director at Oxford Study Academy in the Dzivarasekwa suburb of Harare, highlighted how EcoCash has enhanced the reputation of his school within the community, making life significantly easier for parents in the densely populated suburb. He said, “We have integrated EcoCash into our daily transactions. Its unparalleled convenience resonates well with our community as it aligns seamlessly with their understanding and familiarity. EcoCash isn’t just a method of payment; it’s a catalyst for streamlined transactions, making our operations more accessible and user-friendly.”

Ms. Agnes Shoko, from Driefontein Primary School in Chirumanzu, expressed her excitement about the positive response the school has received from parents using EcoCash for fee payments. She emphasised, “Since implementing EcoCash payments, we’ve received a very positive response. The system has proven efficient and reliable. Parents using EcoCash for fees payment at our school are delighted with the service.”

Despite only adopting the use of EcoCash in late 2022, a quarter of the school community has already embraced this mobile money platform due to its exceptional convenience.

Numerous schools across the country, including Arundel School, Lundi Christian High, Chatsworth Secondary, Mavuradonha High, Mnene High School, Marirangwe Secondary, Gweshe Primary, Mazambara High, Chimedza Primary School, Rusike Primary School, Quality Junior, and Mutonhori High School, among many others, are reportedly accepting EcoCash payments in multiple currencies.

Mr. Tinotenda Chiendambuya, a guardian residing in Chitungwiza, shared his experience: “I sent school fees to my niece in Mutorashanga using EcoCash, and it was remarkably quick and easy. She received the money instantly.”

Mrs. Tecla Moyo, a parent in Kwekwe, highlighted how EcoCash has eased the burden of back-to-school expenses, saying, “Handling back-to-school expenses and pressures has been eased by the use of EcoCash. Whether one is purchasing school supplies or settling school fees, the convenience it offers has made this season much more manageable for our family.”

EcoCash has also extended its convenience to parents shopping for groceries and clothing in various supermarkets and stores across the country, including TM Pick ‘n’ Pay, OK Zimbabwe, Bon Marche, Spar, Choppies, N Richards, Food Lovers, Jet, and Edgars, among others.

Furthermore, EcoCash has become a trusted platform for receiving remittances from family and friends in the Diaspora. Through partnerships with leading remittance providers like SasaiRemit, World Remit, and Western Union, EcoCash allows customers to receive funds directly into their EcoCash wallets, eliminating the need for lengthy queues and cumbersome paperwork.

Mrs. Evelyn Ndhlovu, from Bulawayo, shared her experience: “My son in the UK sent money directly to my EcoCash Wallet, empowering me to easily purchase groceries and settle school fees – no bank queues, no hassle.”

In addition, the integration of EcoCash’s USD and ZWL wallets with several financial institutions, including Steward Bank, CBZ Bank, Stanbic Bank, BancABC, ZB Bank, POSB, National Building Society (NBS), and Nedbank, has further simplified transactions for bank customers nationwide. This integration allows parents and other EcoCash users to seamlessly transfer funds between their bank accounts and their EcoCash wallets for school fees, purchases, bill payments, and more, eliminating the need to physically visit the bank.

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