Cimas Boosts Cancer Fight with Generous $13K Donation

Medical Aid Giant Supports Zimbabwe's Cancer Patients

by Ikeoluwa Ogungbangbe
Cimas Cancer Support


Cimas Medical Aid Scheme, through its wellness initiative iGO, has made a significant contribution to the fight against cancer in Zimbabwe with a donation of US$13,753 to the Cancer Association of Zimbabwe (CAZ). This generous act, stemming from the proceeds of the annual iGo Half Marathon, underscores Cimas’s deep-rooted commitment to enhancing community well-being and supporting cancer patients and their families across the nation.

The donation, announced in a recent statement by Cimas, was the culmination of a successful event held in November in Harare and Bulawayo, which saw an impressive turnout of 1,422 athletes. The event not only surpassed its participation goal of 1,000 athletes but also raised substantial funds, all of which are now being directed to support CAZ’s vital services.

Tatenda Madzikanda, Cimas’s Chief Marketing Officer, expressed the organization’s dedication to its partnership with CAZ during the handover ceremony. “We are now a family with the Cancer Association of Zimbabwe, and our support will persist. We’re thrilled to contribute all proceeds from the iGo Half Marathon, amounting to US$13,753, made possible by our key partners Pick n Pay and ZimPure,” Madzikanda stated.

This contribution is set to make a tangible difference in the lives of cancer patients, particularly those who lack medical aid or health insurance, making cancer treatment a daunting challenge. Junior Mavu, General Manager of CAZ, highlighted the impact of Cimas’s support: “This donation is instrumental in enabling us to extend our support to more cancer patients and their families. The cost of cancer treatments and drugs can be prohibitive, and our efforts to provide assistance are significantly bolstered by such generous donations.”

Looking ahead, Cimas aims to expand the reach and impact of the iGo Half Marathon. Plans for this year’s event include increasing participation to 2,000 runners in both Harare and Bulawayo, with a continued focus on raising awareness about men’s health and wellness, particularly in relation to prostate and testicular cancer.

In addition to its support for CAZ, Cimas Health Group has recently extended its philanthropic efforts to the diabetic community in Zimbabwe. Last month, the group donated 500 Novo Nordisk Levemir Insulin Pens, valued at $27,500, to the Diabetes Association of Zimbabwe. This donation marks another significant step in Cimas’s ongoing commitment to addressing critical health challenges and supporting those affected by chronic conditions in Zimbabwe. As Cimas continues to lead by example in corporate social responsibility, its contributions are creating ripples of positive change, enhancing healthcare accessibility, and fostering a healthier, more supportive community for all Zimbabweans.

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