Masvingo Murder Investigation: Businessman Chomwenye Zhou Stabbed

by Oluwatosin Alabi

The Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) are actively investigating the tragic murder of local businessman Chomwenye Zhou, who met his untimely demise on October 10, 2023, in Village 3 Gadzika, Mazetese.

Authorities have identified three of the assailants as brothers: Ishewatida Dube, Ishewatipa Dube, and Shakemore Dube. An additional suspect remains unidentified. Reports indicate that these individuals collectively attacked Zhou, using sharp objects to inflict fatal injuries.

This violent retaliation stems from a previous altercation. Zhou had reportedly assaulted Ishewatida Dube after the latter had a disagreement with, and subsequently assaulted, an employee under Zhou’s employ.

Despite the ongoing investigation, local whispers paint a rather controversial portrait of Zhou. Many contend that Zhou maintained an infamous standing, particularly with allegations of his involvement in stock theft activities spanning the Mwenezi, Mberengwa, and Beitbridge regions. Such individuals allege that Zhou often sidestepped the consequences of his actions, courtesy of his strong ties with law enforcement entities. This claim, if verified, could provide deeper context to the motivations behind his murder. Nevertheless, the ethics of celebrating anyone’s death, regardless of their past, remains debatable.

ZRP officials have emphasized their commitment to this case, ensuring that every detail is thoroughly examined to provide clarity and justice for all parties involved.

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