Mudzi Man Nabbed for Growing and Selling Cannabis

Zimbabwe police arrested a 38-year-old farmer for illegal cultivation and possession of dagga

by Victor Adetimilehin

MUDZI, Zimbabwe – A 38-year-old farmer from Mudzi district in Mashonaland East province has been arrested for allegedly growing and selling dagga, also known as cannabis or marijuana.

Officers from Kotwa police post apprehended Brighton Kapirima on January 9, 2024, after receiving information from the public about his illicit activities.

According to police spokesperson for Mashonaland East Inspector Simon Chazovachiyi, the officers recovered some processed dagga stashed in a sack in Kapirima’s bedroom, as well as 27 plants of dagga about two meters in length in his garden.

“Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) officers from Kotwa Post went to Chivaka village clad in civilian attire and identified the garden and gathered information. On January 9, 2024, the police officers went to Kapirima’s homestead and interviewed him. He admitted that he had about two grams of processed dagga which was in the sack in his bedroom,” he said in a statement.

Kapirima led the police officers to his garden where they recovered 27 plants of dagga which were about two meters in length. The police took him to the police post and detained him there.

Inspector Chazovachiyi said investigations are in progress and Kapirima will appear in court soon to face charges of illegal cultivation and possession of dagga, which is a prohibited substance under the Dangerous Drugs Act.

The law prohibits the cultivation, possession, use, and trade of dagga in Zimbabwe, except for medicinal or scientific purposes with a license from the Minister of Health and Child Care.

Those found guilty of contravening the law can face a fine or imprisonment or both.

Dagga relieves pain, nausea, and epilepsy, and people also use it recreationally for its psychoactive effects. However, dagga can also have negative effects on the user’s health, such as impairing memory, concentration, and coordination, increasing the risk of mental disorders, and affecting the respiratory system.

The police have urged the public to report any cases of dagga cultivation or trafficking to the nearest police station or call the national complaints desk on 0242-703631.

They have warned the public to refrain from engaging in any criminal activities, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, which has claimed many lives and disrupted the economy.

The police also thanked the public for their cooperation and support in the fight against crime and urged them to continue working with the police to create a safe and peaceful environment for all.


Source: The Herald 

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