Sikhala Shares Visionary Guidance from Tsvangirai in Dream

Late Leaders Inspire Former Legislator Amid Political Turmoil

by Oluwatosin Alabi

Recently released former legislator Job Sikhala shared a remarkable experience he had while incarcerated at Chikurubi Prison for 595 days on charges of inciting public violence. Sikhala recounted a vivid dream involving the late Morgan Tsvangirai, a revered figure in Zimbabwe’s fight for democracy and the founding leader of the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC), who passed away on February 14, 2018. In the dream, Tsvangirai was seen crying on Sikhala’s shoulders, imparting instructions to him, a revelation Sikhala made during his visit to Prophet Blessing Chiza at Eagle Life Ministries Church in Bulawayo.

Sikhala’s visit to Prophet Chiza, a well-known figure in religious circles who has previously hosted other prominent personalities, was motivated by gratitude for the spiritual support he received throughout his detention. During their meeting, Sikhala expressed his need for insight into the dream’s significance and other dreams he had while in prison, which he could not fully comprehend. Prophet Chiza assured Sikhala of a private session where these dreams would be interpreted and their meanings disclosed.

This encounter comes at a time when opposition politics in Zimbabwe is facing turmoil, with Sikhala expressing his desire to temporarily step back from active political engagement as he seeks to understand the political landscape that has evolved during his time in prison. The dream, recurring five times, underscores the profound impact Tsvangirai continues to have on the opposition movement, even in death.

Adding to the intrigue, Prophet Chiza disclosed that Sikhala had other notable dreams, including encounters with Nelson Mandela, the late South African President and global icon of resistance against apartheid. According to Chiza, Mandela advised Sikhala to adopt a more casual attire, reminiscent of Mandela’s own preference for patterned shirts over formal suits. Sikhala confirmed this detail and acknowledged that it influenced his current manner of speaking, which some have likened to Mandela’s distinct voice.

Sikhala’s revelations and the subsequent interpretation by Prophet Chiza highlight the intersection of spirituality, politics, and personal transformation. As Sikhala navigates his return to society and the political arena, these dreams may offer him guidance and inspiration drawn from the legacies of two of Africa’s most respected leaders. The impact of these visionary experiences on Sikhala’s future contributions to Zimbabwe’s opposition movement and his personal journey remains a compelling narrative, reflecting the ongoing struggle for democracy and justice in Zimbabwe.

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