Counterfeit Bath Foam Scam Exposed in Zimbabwe

Police raid illegal production facility in Mbare

by Victor Adetimilehin

Fake Satiskin seized by police

Zimbabweans who love to pamper themselves with luxurious bubble baths may have been duped by a counterfeit product scam. A local company, MedTech Holdings, has raised the alarm after discovering that a fake version of its popular bath foam, Satiskin, is being produced in Mbare, Harare.

The company said it learned of the fake Satiskin from a concerned customer who noticed that the product had a different aroma and consistency than the original one. The customer also complained of skin irritation after using the fake product.

MedTech CEO Mr Afzal Motiwala said the company immediately informed the police, who raided the production facility in Mbare. He said the counterfeiters were using cheap and harmful chemicals to make the fake bath foam, which could pose serious health risks to consumers.

“They are putting people’s lives at risk by selling these products. They are also damaging our brand reputation and causing us to lose revenue,” he said.

Mr Motiwala said the genuine Satiskin bath foam is pH-balanced and contains natural ingredients that moisturize and nourish the skin. He advised customers to look out for signs of the fake product, such as mismatched lids, damaged packaging, incorrect aroma and watery consistency.

He also urged customers to buy Satiskin from authorized retailers and distributors, and to report any suspicious products to the company or the police.

Counterfeit products rampant in Zimbabwe

The fake Satiskin scam is not an isolated case in Zimbabwe, where the market is flooded with counterfeit products, especially from Asia. These products range from clothing and electronics to food and beverages, and even medicines.

According to the Medicines Control Authority of Zimbabwe, the country has a substantial problem with counterfeit and substandard medicines, which can have serious consequences for public health. The authority said it is working with other stakeholders to curb the menace of fake drugs, which are often smuggled into the country or produced locally.

The Zimbabwe Revenue Authority has also intensified its efforts to combat the influx of counterfeit products, which deprive the government of tax revenue and undermine the local industry. The authority has seized and destroyed millions of dollars worth of fake goods in recent years, and has arrested and prosecuted several offenders.

However, the challenge remains huge, as the demand for cheap and affordable products continues to grow in a depressed economy. Many Zimbabweans are willing to buy counterfeit products, either knowingly or unknowingly, as they try to cope with the high cost of living.

The need for consumer awareness and protection

Experts say there is a need for more consumer awareness and protection in Zimbabwe, as many people are unaware of the dangers and implications of buying counterfeit products. They say consumers should be educated on how to identify and avoid fake products, and how to report them to the relevant authorities.

They also say consumers should be empowered to demand quality and value for their money, and to hold the producers and sellers of counterfeit products accountable. 

The Consumer Council of Zimbabwe is a statutory body that represents and protects the interests of consumers in the country. The council said it is concerned about the prevalence of counterfeit products in the market, and is working with other agencies to address the issue.

The council said it conducts regular inspections and tests of various products to ensure they meet the required standards and specifications. It also provides information and advice to consumers on their rights and responsibilities, and how to lodge complaints and seek redress.

The council said it welcomes any reports of counterfeit products from the public, and will investigate and take appropriate action. It also urged consumers to be vigilant and cautious when buying products, and to always check the labels, packaging, expiry dates, and quality of the products.

The council said it is committed to promoting a fair and safe market for consumers and producers, and to ensuring that Zimbabweans enjoy the benefits of quality products and services.

Source: The Herald 


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