Ushewekunze Residents Celebrate New Water Source

Presidential Borehole Scheme Brings Relief to Drought-Stricken Suburb

by Victor Adetimilehin

Ushewekunze, a suburb of Harare, has been facing chronic water shortages for years, forcing residents to rely on unsafe and unreliable sources of water. But thanks to the Presidential Borehole Scheme, a project initiated by President Mnangagwa to provide clean and accessible water to all parts of Zimbabwe, the situation has improved dramatically.

The scheme involves drilling solar-powered boreholes in areas that lack adequate water supply, especially in rural and peri-urban communities. Ushewekunze is one of the beneficiaries of the scheme, which has drilled 10 boreholes in the suburb, each with a capacity of 10,000 liters per day.

Residents of Ushewekunze are overjoyed by the new water source, which they say has improved their health, hygiene, and livelihoods. They also praised the President for remembering them and addressing their long-standing problem.

A Lifesaver for the Community

Mrs. Rutendo Moyo, a mother of four who lives in Ushewekunze, said the borehole water was a lifesaver for her family. “I am so happy the President has remembered us here, we were worried we might end up contracting cholera due to unsafe council water,” she said. “We used to queue for hours to fetch water from communal taps, which were often dry or contaminated. Now we have clean water at our doorstep, and we can use it for drinking, cooking, washing, and gardening.”

Mrs. Anna Chegwena, another resident, said the borehole water was a blessing for the community, which had suffered from water-borne diseases such as cholera and typhoid in the past. “Water has been a challenge over the years with cholera ravaging us countless times. Thanks to our President who has provided us with potable water which is being accessed freely by anyone in our community,” she said.

Mr. Enock Rwiza, a local businessman, said the borehole water had boosted his income and productivity. “The drilling of the borehole has helped us a lot since our taps are always dry. We thank the President for the borehole scheme. Now we can run our businesses smoothly, without worrying about water cuts or shortages. We can also irrigate our crops and livestock, and sell the surplus to the market.”

A Vision for Sustainable Development

The Presidential Borehole Scheme is part of the President’s vision to improve the living standards of the people and to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals, especially Goal 6, which aims to ensure the availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all.

Dr. Pual Tungwarara, the chief executive officer of Prevail Group International, the company contracted to drill the boreholes, said the program would continue in all parts of the country as directed by the President to leave no one and no place in Zimbabwe without access to clean safe water.

He said the boreholes were equipped with solar panels, pumps, tanks, and taps, and were designed to last for at least 20 years. Dr. Pual also urged the residents to take good care of the boreholes and use the water wisely, as water is a precious resource that should not be wasted.

He thanked the local authorities and the community leaders for their cooperation and support in implementing the borehole scheme.

The Presidential Borehole Scheme is one of the many initiatives that the President has launched to address the water crisis in Zimbabwe, which has been worsened by droughts, climate change, and poor infrastructure. Other projects include the rehabilitation of dams, pipelines, and treatment plants, as well as the construction of new water sources such as the Kunzvi Dam and the Gwayi-Shangani Lake.

The President has also called for the promotion of water conservation and efficiency measures, such as rainwater harvesting, irrigation, and recycling.

Source: The Herald 

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