Mnangagwa’s Ties with Chivayo Stir Controversy in Zanu PF

Unrest Grows as Party Leaders Question Chivayo's Influence

by Ikeoluwa Ogungbangbe

President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s frequent public interactions with controversial businessman Wicknell Chivayo have caused considerable worry within Zanu PF, the ruling party in Zimbabwe. Among the party’s elite, these engagements have created doubts and concerns. The president’s allegiances and the consequences for the party’s unity have come under scrutiny in light of this development.

President Mnangagwa appears to be developing a growing hidden relationship with Chivayo, the tycoon renowned for his extravagant lifestyle and controversial business dealings. The two have been spotted traveling together on a private plane and attending various events together. Other senior party leaders, especially Vice-Presidents Constantino Chiwenga and Kembo Mohadi, are said to be perplexed and concerned at the president’s tight relationship with him, and have taken offense at these activities.

Sources inside Zanu PF, who want to remain anonymous because of the delicate nature of the matter, said that tensions over Mnangagwa’s dealings with Chivayo are evidently building. The vice presidents are perplexed as to what is actually going on. They are actually taken aback. One source said, “The worst thing is that President Mnangagwa is not even informing anyone what he is up to.” The discomfort has been heightened by mounting rumors that Chivayo may soon be named to a high position inside the party. “That boy [Chivayo] and him are the only ones involved. If you hear that he is now a minister, do not be shocked. The source continued, “Chivayo is receiving some favors.”

Farai Marapira, the party’s director of information, has spoken out in favor of the president’s activities amid these rumors, highlighting Mnangagwa’s inclusive stance. “President Mnangagwa maintains an open door policy for all,” Marapira declared, refuting the claims of partiality. He emphasized Chivayo’s endorsement of Mnangagwa’s goals and strategies, which he says have been crucial to his success. “Through his initiatives, President Mnangagwa has turned Zimbabweans into billionaires.” You consider Chivayo to be one of the standard instances. He said, “President Mnangagwa’s initiatives have made him successful.”

Moreover, Marapira praised Chivayo for his contributions to Mnangagwa’s philanthropic programs, suggesting that his actions demonstrate the positive impact of the president’s policies, which encourage youth participation in the economy. “Chivayo is also supporting President Mnangagwa’s vision and he is plowing back to society,” he added.

However, there are rumblings among political observers as well as inside the party due to Mnangagwa and Chivayo’s affiliation. Tendai Retired political analyst Ruben Mbofana pointed out that Chivayo’s emergence is a sign of deeper divisions inside Zanu PF. Certain influential members of Zanu PF are worried that they would not be included in the benefits. Mbofana stated, “Chivayo would further shift sentiment inside the party, which has never been cohesive at all.”

Regarding Chivayo’s rise in the party hierarchy, Rejoice Ngwenya, another analyst, discussed the possible marginalization of seasoned members. “Chivayo’s affiliation with Zanu PF is undeniable. He has allegedly utilized his wealth to get access to the highest levels of government, and it is clear that certain individuals have have been part of the ruling party before independence and they will definitely feel sidelined and threatened because the young man is now close to Mnangagwa,” Ngwenya explained.

The dispute intensified over the Easter break when it was said that Chivayo disregarded party and official etiquette by welcoming Mnangagwa to the ZCC Mbungo temple before Mohadi. To further enhance the show, Chivayo gave the church $1 million to fund its national initiatives. This gesture has been seen as a way for him to consolidate his power within and outside of the party as well as a demonstration of his financial might.

Chivayo, whose origins of income have always been unclear, says he became wealthy by overseeing multimillion-dollar transactions via his business, Intratrek. He mentions lucrative ventures in power and energy that span across borders, including South Africa. Chivayo has also been active on social media in recent months, interacting with celebrities and influencers to whom he has given expensive cars and smartphones. These acts have kept him in the public eye and further connected his public image with political story lines.

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